Group Therapy

SBH provides a host of groups with specific themes, ranging from social skills groups with children to facilitating groups in churches, community centers and schools. Check back often for updated group themes along with the dates and times. We currently have 6 groups geared for Court mandated referrals:

“I'll take that Chance”
(Young Offender Group)

A program for males between the ages of 17 and 34 that encourages self reflection and raises awareness to their criminal lifestyle. Participants will learn life skills consisting of problem solving, communication, making positive decisions, employment skills, goal setting and coping skills.

Healthy Driving Group
3 hour or 6 hour

This group focuses on barriers leading to a poor driving record: impulse control, aggression, and poor decision making. This course is best designed for repeat offenders, reckless and careless drivers and alcohol related offenses.

Theft Group

Participants will learn to explore the self defeating behaviors associated with economic crimes. They will also gain better control of impulses, learn to say no, and take ownership of one's behaviors

“Look” Anger Management/Domestic Violence/Violent
Group 1 and 2

A program for those exhibiting poorly managed anger responses and other emotional impulses. The purpose of this group is to provide the learner with a thorough introduction to anger and anger management techniques. The content of the course includes emotions, anger, and new skills acquisition on living a healthy lifestyle.